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Offering expansive tax consulting and tax technology services for local and global companies, YETTER works closely with financial and tax department leaders to translate complex issues, craft high-level strategies, evaluate solutions and train tax teams, then partners with trusted companies to execute implementation.

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The Multistate Tax Commission (MTC) had negotiated a special deal for online sellers that may have sales and income tax obligations from previous unpaid taxes in 25 different states. The MTC put together a special amnesty initiative program for online sellers that ran from August 17, 2017 to November 1, 2017. The program is now over. If you didn’t take advantage of the program but realize you need to evaluate your activities, you can contact us here.

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Sales & Use Tax Automation Implementation

When you begin to plan a sales and use tax software implementation project, you are immediately faced with a dilemma: How do I choose the software? All the experts seem to have a favorite that they want to use. Do you go with the expert-endorsed software that may not be right for your needs, or do you pick the software you want that the expert may not know how to use?

YETTER has a different approach. We tackle sales and use tax automation strategy as a standalone project, where we determine what you are trying to do, establish what tool fits best and develop a project plan to implement the tool properly. Then we partner with the implementation team best suited to execute that plan.

YETTER has led hundreds of sales and use tax automation software implementation projects with a partnered approach. YETTER provides the sales and use tax strategic planning and visioning and works with experienced and trusted partners to execute the more hands-on portions of the implementation.

One of the first steps is defining the requirements for the automation project. This not only includes determining which business processes are included (sales, purchases, goods movement, fixed assets, etc.) but also which jurisdictions—is a U.S., North American or global solution required? Once the requirements are defined, we can help select the appropriate solution. YETTER is a Certified Implementation Specialist and Consulting Partner with both Thomson Reuters OneSource Indirect Tax Determination and Vertex, but we also work with a number of other vendors and implementation partners. You choose the software solution that is best for your needs, and we serve as your liaison to the vendor or the implementation partner of choice.

Then it’s time to dig in and get going on the actual project. Of course, most companies can’t afford to ignore the rest of their day-to-day obligations. YETTER can provide any or all aspects of the implementation project team, working with your internal transaction tax team to ensure all your tax requirements are met. We partner with not only tax and tax technology specialists but also have relationships with ERP consultants. We can also partner with your ERP implementation or support team, whether the team is internal or external.

Some of the types of services we can provide either directly or through our partners include:

  • Integration Development entails writing or modifying the interface between the sales tax system and the host system based on the system and business analysis results. This includes making the various calls necessary between the two systems to allow you to calculate tax and process results in the host system.
  • Taxability Determination and Mapping encompasses an evaluation of the tax triggers (customers, items, cost centers, general ledger accounts, fixed asset numbers, vendors, etc.) to determine appropriate tax mappings and groupings that will be used to populate the tax rules in the sales tax systems.
  • Tax Rule Research and Population entails reviewing the taxability of the data elements used to determine taxability relative to the business. In addition to identification of the data elements, determination of the taxing jurisdictions where the business will be collecting sales tax or remitting use tax must be completed. The combination of these items will be used to structure the tax research. After the taxability of the data elements is determined, then the tax results can be populated into the sales tax system. YETTER can prepare an import file detailing the specific entries to be made. If the selected solution does not meet all the business needs with its content, YETTER can fulfill the role of researching the rules as they apply to your business.
  • User Acceptance Testing occurs once the integration is complete and the tax rules have been populated to insure that the correct taxation is occurring on items specific to the business. YETTER will help design the required tests and will work with you to create the test transactions and review the test results.
  • Returns Implementation is available to assist in the set-up, training and implementation of the selected returns package. We can help identify the most efficient use of the package, assist with import set-up and testing and train the individuals responsible for preparing the tax returns.
  • Training is available to your team on not only the tax engine software but also any changes to your business processes. This could entail training just the tax department or the entire customer order or purchasing department. We can also help develop “train the trainer” materials.

This partnered approach means that we can match you with the implementation team that has the skills and experience that are right for your system and situation. Please contact us to discuss our implementation services and the various ways we can assist you,

“Diane uses her detailed knowledge of transaction taxes and Sabrix to creatively implement global tax software. She is reliable, consistently on time, and always within budget. I would recommend her to any size company.”

—LeRoy Reibling, General Motors